Hunt Southern Alps Tahr

Join Southern Hunting Safaris in the beautiful Southern Alps on a true Tahr hunt of a life time.  This is a brand new hunting area with many muture bulls for harvesting.

This private, free range hunting is one of best for Tahr in the country.  This past season 2012 we were able to harvest 7 bulls over 13 inchs.  This is unheard of in New Zealand at present.  We take our time in making sure you take the very best bull in that area to hunt.

There is also the option of a High Fence hunt for Tahr  if the mountain terrain is to demanding on your fittness level.


Hunt South Canterbury Ranch

If you're after a true classic game estate hunt for Red stag,Fallow buck,and Bull Tahr we have what your looking for.  Also great free range hunting at certain times of the season.

Southern Hunting Safaris is proud to have sole access to one of South Canterbury's finest sheep, beef, and deer Stations.  This top of the line and managed station is now producing some of the very best bred Red stags in the country.

The owner is always looking to the future and his option to breed big long heavy wide stags, with huge bottom tynes and big clean open tops is making this hunting area a dream for trophy collectors.

We are only harvesting big old stags from this area so get in for a great ROAR hunt. 


Hunt South Canterbury Free Range Lands.

This is strictly a free range hunting area. This station offers great  hunting for Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Fallow Buck, Buck Chamois and wild boar.  Yes,  it's true all FREE RANGE.

Hunting here on this area is hard but very rewarding.  If you work hard you will take home some wonderful animals.


Hunt Otago Free Range foothills.

There is no better free range fallow deer hunting that I have seen in my years of hunting.  This wonderful station holds hundreds of Fallow Deer with huge Bucks on offer for harvest.

This last 2012 season seen over 5 huge bucks taken that would be pride of place on any trophy hunters wall.  There are also times when wild boar and wild goat migrate across this area and they are up for the taking also.

The tarrain is this area is very easy in places, but also very tough in others.  A lot of look distance glassing is done here, but mark my words if we see that huge buck we'll get him.


Hunt Mackenzie's wild country.

This massive high country station is a true hunters wonderland.  Chamois, Fallow, and hundreds of rabbits and hares run this area.  It is for it's wonderful Chamois huntingthat this area has gained my interest.

Chamois are by far the hardest mountain animal to harvest at present.10 inch trophy bucks have been taken here .  Others have been seen and hunted, but are still there.

If you are a hard core mountain hunter that loves hunting in steep hard tarrain this is your area to take a great trophy buck.  Working hard with the land owner is the main reason for this area being one of the very best free range Chamois areas in the country.

Having sole rights to this station is another reason.  This is one of the best hunts you will ever undertake.


Hunt The Brothers.

This great farm is an easy hunt for all types of hunters.  Free range wild goats and wild rams are in high numbers here.  This area is a fun place to hunt and can be accessed at any time of the year for trophy animals in these two fields.

I have never had so much fun in watching hunters line up the goats and all there ammo and blaze away.

Very good tracks are on this area so getting there is no problem.  With the fun you have there, leaving may be.